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"Bring Up Your Bad Days"

As a beginner in any sport/training, improvement often happens rapidly for those who remain consistent. The first few months are a sharp incline of progress. Every time you retest a movement, a workout or a lift you may be hitting PRs, sometimes huge PRs. It feels amazing. Eventually though, you may start to notice those PRs may not occur as frequently, they  may be smaller jumps and you may even find yourself slipping backwards on something. This slowed progess is often misinterpreted; many people believe that have just reached their potential and settle or even give up on their training entirely. But this is normal, progress is not a straight line.  Accept that you are going to have 'bad days', and instead of lifting more than you should for ego's sake or doing more reps than is healthy, focus on technique.  

Coach Dan Bell writes about this, specifically about Weightlifing, but the principles hold true for all training. A bad day for a new lifter has a lot of attempts and a lot of misses...

If the lifter keeps coming back and keeps practicing, a year later their bad day consists of a miss or two...

With practice, the lifter has made their bad day an essential part of reaching their training goals, not an exercise in “PR or injury” Russian Roulette. They have made their bad days good, and when the good days start to pile up, you don’t have to wait so long for a great day.

Bring Up Your Bad Days | Coach Dan Bell


Read his whole article above & remember that if you put your focus on perfecting your technique, listen to your coaches and remain consistent, you WILL get better, stronger, faster.