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Common Mistakes when Trying to Change your Body

weightsThis article from the Poliquin Group, "Seven Mistakes Women Make When Trying To Change Their Bodies" has great crossover application to men as well but primarily focuses on myths perpetuated in women's weight loss & fitness magazines and popular media.  A couple key being

#1. Focusing on Getting "Toned"

The average training program for getting “toned” has women lifting super light weights and doing bizarre exercises. This is not an effective strategy for changing your body.
We’re going to let you in on a little secret.  Getting toned requires two things to happen:
•    Lose excess body fat •    Increase the size of muscle cells to provide shape

#6. Fearing Dietary Fat

...filling your diet with beneficial fats (nuts, seeds, meat, fish, eggs, dairy, avocado, coconut oil) provides nutrients so the body can produce brain transmitters, build bones, repair tissue, and have a healthy metabolism.
Third, fat is critical for reproductive health in women because it’s used to manufacture hormones and improves gene signaling that regulates hormone balance.

Read the full 7 mistakes list here and educated yourself, male or female, on what dietary and training methods work best for you goals.