Cache Valley Strength & Conditioning

Established in 2008, CVSC is Cache Valley’s premier training facility with services ranging from personal training, program design, athletic team conditioning, HyperFit group classes and more.

CVSC Committed Athlete – Jeremy Moon

Occupation: Associate Broker / Realtor at Parker Real Estate Services in Logan

Type of training before CrossFit:

If you don’t count the 4 year membership to Planet Fitness that never saw me set foot in their building a single time, it would have to be the 8 or 9 basketball games I played every winter which generally ended with some sort of injury. During golf season I played a lot of golf which took a fair amount of energy to get in and out of the cart…

Favorite Workouts?

This is an interesting question as it has changed over time.  I used to be really intimidated by the workouts and had a certain amount of anxiety over what I would see on the board in the morning.  Since Brad changed the programming last year, I have seen myself change mentally and physically.  I now feel a little like the planet fitness guy because I usually enjoy any WOD that requires picking things up and putting them down.  I also enjoy rowing and double unders and now look forward to the daily challenge that every workout presents.

Any hobbies you have outside of the gym?

I like spending time with my family and watching my kids grow up.  I enjoy golf most of the time.  Although it doesn’t happen often enough, I love being on an atv in the mountains somewhere.  I have a photography and graphic design business on the side and enjoy being behind a camera shooting people or places.

Something about me that people at CVSC don’t know..

I’m a  fan of Josh Groban’s music and if Brad would just give it a chance I know I would PR something that day…I would even sing along for everyone else to enjoy…

Any words of advice for newer members at CVSC?

Trust the programming. Trust your trainer. Don’t worry so much about your time and focus on doing things the right way. And put down the bag of cheetos.

Any other comments?

One of the great things about CVSC is the all-inclusive atmosphere.  It doesn’t matter what stage in your training you are, you feel welcome and encouraged.  For the past 2 years that I have been at CVSC, I have only ever attended the 8:15 classes.  The people there are like family and their encouragement helps me to work harder and continue to improve. Also, big thanks to Brad,Jami and the other trainers…you do an outstanding job!