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Team CVSC’s Emily B. on Regionals & Competition

Emily Bunnell (Regionals CVSC Team - 15th 2012)Years in Crossfit: 11 months Pullups : 30 Deadlift: 300# Overhead Squat: 125# Snatch: 135# 5K: ? Haven't ran one in years. Jackie: 10:18 Fran: Haven't done it yet. Cindy: Hasn't done me yet.

What motivated you to compete in Regionals?

I am the youngest of 8 kids; I am used to competing for everything. The CVSC environment has fed my need to be compete & get my sweat on, so when the Open training started, it was a no-brainer to enter. I enjoyed the amped up energy of the Open and even more-so, the team aspect of going to Regionals.

How did your performance go in the workouts? ..if team, what wods did you do?

I did Team WODs 2,3 & 5. 2:1K Row, 25 Pistols, 15 135# Hang Cleans 3: 30 One Arm Dumbell Snatches @ 70# + Sprints 5: Snatch Ladder I thought I was prepared for workout 2 but it demolished me. I had done all the movements in the gym, but a combo of poor strategy (no rest) & being absolutely freaked out by the crowd, cameraman & judge, I barely completed my hang cleans. I no repped the weight at least 7 times & ended up on my knees twice. I wanted to quit but Tara looked me in the eyes and screamed at me to get back on the bar, which I did until it was over. It was a painful & eye-opening way to start regionals.

The next two workouts I approached with a clearer mind & a happier attitude - and it paid off. The Dumbbell Snatches with Chad were every bit as good as the last workout had felt bad. We did well with an 8th place finish and I felt like a million bucks afterwards.

I was excited about the Snatch Ladder with my ladies, Chels & Tara. I had hoped for a PR but fell short of that at 125#. Still, it was a fast, heavy workout, which I love - so it was fun.

What do you take away from this experience?

You can't lose a competition unless you quit! I was every bit as inspired by the people who barely finished the workouts as I was by the best of the best. Tenacity at whatever level you are at is inspiring and motivating! It left me feeling equally humbled and encouraged & excited to continue hitting new PRs and killing my Goats in the gym.

Anything else you'd like people to know about competing in CF?

Competing is a great way to see how you can perform under pressure & outside of your element. Which I feel is a perfect addition to truly being "cross fit". Doing your very best without your favorite barbell, 9 hours sleep, your BFF, or doing your entire warmup routine is really where you get out of your comfort zone and go 'beast mode'! Uh!