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Here is an interesting nutrition post courtesy of The Poliquin Group called,

"Why Fat Is GREAT For You: Seven Tips For Eating Fat So You Lose Fat"

Often maligned and villanized as the cause for obesity and heart disease, good fats are actually essential to good health and body composition. Its important that you are getting the correct kind and that it is in conjunction with a non-inflammatory diet of low grain, whole food. The article covers several good sources of fat to include fish, coconut oil, avocados, grass-fed butter and more...

OMEGA 3's help you burn fat

"...Eating the omega-3 fats will raise energy expenditure, leading you to burn more calories than you would otherwise. For example, a study of overweight men found that when they increased their omega-3 intake from 0.43 g/day to 2.92 g/day, they experienced a 51 percent increase in the amount of calories they burned after eating. "

Pair with a  LOW CARB DIET for a healthy heart

"The fats highlighted here will improve insulin sensitivity, decrease inflammation, enhance cellular health and gene signaling, and support hormone balance. But they can't fix the damage that you do if you eat lots of carbs, trans-fats, or processed foods.

For example, recent research shows that it is carbohydrates, not fats, that elevate cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, contributing to the development of heart disease."


If you already have made the switch to healthy fats and low/no grain diet, and inevitably are questioned by friends and family how eating all that fat isn't making you fat, read up on Mark's Daily Apple on The "Top 7 Most Common Reactions to Your High-Fat Diet (and How to Respond). He talks more indepth on the common misconceptions about a high-fat Paleo/Paleoesque diet. Read up and eat up!