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Post Workout Nutrition - Robb Wolf

  We'll keep this one simple. Nutrition is not just important, it is KEY in reaching your fitness goals. This post from Robb Wolf discusses in depth what sort of post-workout nutrition you should be aiming for. Its a bit of a read, but very worthwhile if you are serious about fueling yourself appopriately to your goals.

Should one use carbs post workout or not? If so how much, and when? Like a great number of situations, how we manage our post workout nutrition depends on where we are and where we want to go. If you have followed my previous ramblings you might be familiar with the orientation I use for most of my decision making: How does a given decision affect Performance, Health and Longevity. Similarly, how does a given decision affect how one looks, feels and performs? Given all this I’m going to tackle post workout nutrition (PWO) first from the perspective of shoring up health, then performance, then longevity.

via Post Workout Nutrition: High Or Low Carb?


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