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Stick-to-itiveness & The Dark Side of Training

Oftentimes in the pursuit of physical fitness we try out new training programs to garner new results. And with most people new to a sport/program/challenge, its not all PRs and victory laps. Its just a lot of hard work. Grueling, hard work. You might find yourself in the middle of a long set of burpees and decide that this programming really isn't right for you. First off, making decisions while doing burpees isn't the best idea. And secondly, ask yourself, "WHY do I want to switch/quit this program?"

  • Is it because its challenging?
  • Involves movements you dislike or struggle with?
  • You don't understand the point?
  • You haven't seen progress lately?
  • You are feeling excessively sore or suffering from injury?

If it involves any of these, you should first talk to your coach and tell them your concerns before you just jump the bandwagon. And if its any of the last two, you may have to ask yourself if you are A. following the program correctly and B. if the program is smart. C. if you have been following long enough to measure its success. If it is indeed a healthy program you are following well then results may just take longer than you expect & jumping to a new program that has more pullups and less rowing might doing yourself a major disservice. As Glenn Pendlay wisely wrote,

"...Giving in to temptation is almost always wrong. Assuming you are following a well balanced program to begin with, have some faith. The road to the top is always filled with curves, and the road will only get longer if you jump around from one thing to another in your training.

A good solid belief in what you are doing and a willingness to stay the course and put the required amount of work will get you to the finish line a lot quicker than changing your training program every time you hit a bump in the road.

If you can’t do this, then just like Darth Vader, I find your lack of faith disturbing. "

Glenn Pendlay via


So don't be the guy coaches can't stand. Have some stick-to-itiveness, set some goals, and may the force be with you.