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Do you floss?


The dentist says you should floss everyday and KStar agrees.

Today's (belated) Mobility Monday post is all about a mobility tool outside of the popular lacrosse ball and foam roller. Voodoo Floss Bands. Voodoo Floss or Voodoo Bands is a fancy name for a long latex band used to compress and re-perfuse tissues and joints. A mobility weapon that helps an athlete enhance the benefits of stretching & 'unglue' their issues.

When wrapped around a joint or muscle, it creates compression around the site while you work through your range of motion. According to  Angus Certified, Voodoo Bands are effective tools for 4 reasons:

1) Restores sliding surfaces of the compressed and regional tissues being wrapped. (Like Self Inflicted ART)

2) Pushes swelling out of joints/tissues when used to treat in this way.

3) Re-perfuses tissues that have poor blood flow

4) Creates flexion gapping at joints like the elbow restoring normal joint motion.

via Angus

Read the full article below to learn about what exactly flossing is and get some instruction videos on how to use them.

How To Use a Voodoo Floss Band | Angus Certified.