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Athlete Spotlight - Dennis Parry

1. How did you find out about Crossfit? My daughter Chelsea had been attending for about 2 months before I joined and I noticed the change she had made in her body and her attitude.  I also knew Brad Thorne through golf.  I liked to exercise and thought I would give it a try.

2. What is your favorite Crossfit exercise or WOD?

I like any WOD that uses your own body weight, such as Cindy or Murphy.  I’m not into weight lifting much, but I do it because I understand it is important.  The word Crossfit tells it all because there is a different workout every day and it never gets old like going to a gym and doing the same thing every day.

3. How long have you been Crossfitting for?

I started September 20, 2008, so I am coming up on my 3 year anniversary.

4. What do you do for a living?

I am a Real Estate Broker and have a side business called Send Out Cards.

5. What are your hobbies?

I love to do things with my wife, children and grandchildren.  I also like to golf, more golf and then golf.

Hole in One! #13 LGCC 170 yds w/ 7 iron. Blue pin, back one bounce and in it went!

6. What are your goals?

I’d like to do double unders consistently in a row. I can only do two in a row now.  I also set a goal the 1st of this year to run everytime when the WOD called for it previously I had rowed when it called for the run.  I also set a goal to run for a mile once a week.  As of today, I am still meeting that goal.  I am constantly trying to beat my times on some of the benchmarks even if it is just one or two seconds better.

7. Why do you Crossfit?

Let me count the ways…moving approximately 400 sq ft of sod from my front yard to my back yard and laying it all out in less than 3 hours  and getting up the next morning with no pain or discomfort, ready to go to Crossfit again. I can run up the stairs on hole number 15 at the Logan Golf and Country Club, step up to the tee box and hit the ball without gasping for air.  I also can hit the golf ball much further than I did three years ago. Most importantly, I will be able to be around to watch my grandchildren grow up and be very active with them.

There is a friendly atmosphere at the box that makes you feel comfortable.  Everyone is willing to cheer the other one on to help them accomplish their goals.

8. Any advice for future CrossFitters?

Crossfit is designed for anyone of any age.  Even though I am one of the oldest and old enough to be some of the Crossfitter’s father and they jokingly call me Grandpa, I still love it and gain a lot from the exercise. Be consistent with coming to the workouts and don’t be afraid to ask questions of the trainers.  You want to make sure you are doing the movements properly and use the right weights.  It’s the trainers that make Crossfit so effective.