Cache Valley Strength & Conditioning

Established in 2008, CVSC is Cache Valley’s premier training facility with services ranging from personal training, program design, athletic team conditioning, HyperFit group classes and more.

CVSC Committed Athlete - Jeff Simper

Occupation: I work for Icon Health & Fitness where I am a Senior Buyer purchasing a wide variety of exercise equipment mainly from China and other Asian countries.

Type of training before CrossFit:

I spent too much time jogging or walking on an incline trainer seeing little result and dreading everytime I thought of my next workout….. Blah… I believe one should not run unless something dangerous is chasing you but I have yet to convince BT. I’ll continue to work on that though. :-)

Favorite Workouts?

The better question would be which workouts do I despise. HaHa…. Actually I really don’t have a favorite workout. I think the reason why I enjoy crossfit so much is because I like the variation. Giving me something different everyday would be my favorite!!

Any hobbies you have outside of the gym?

As long as I’m outdoors and most likely smiling. I enjoy camping, fishing, hiking and hunting with family & friends. Not much better than standing atop a 12,000 foot peak overlooking god’s creation after an exhausting hike with your camp on your back. I enjoy shooting guns, a good mountain bike ride and swinging the golf clubs as long as there is someone in the fairway to aim at. (Don’t be alarmed you are safe there) Most of all I enjoy spending my time with my wonderful son Colten!

Something about me that people at CVSC don’t know..

Well this is a big shocker especially for most that come to the 12:00 class so make sure you’re sitting down before you read this………. Deep down I truly do like and respect Jami and I have a hunch that she as well likes me. Ha Ha Ha!!!! I really like to smile and laugh so if I’m giving you a hard time don’t take offense as its all in fun.

Any words of advice for newer members at CVSC?

First off, have fun with it!!!! We all have different but similar goals. It’s much easier to meet and achieve your goals enjoying it along the way. You will not find better people to work hard and suceed with. Open up and introduce yourself to someone new as I truly feel like it is a big family. BT has a quote on the board that says “you can’t outwork a sh*tty diet”. It took me three years to finally understand this when at times I really thought I did. Ask questions and get this under control and you will be surprised at how fast you can see change. Work hard and push yourself! When your mind says stop your body can still take more.

Any other comments?

I would really like to thank BT, Jami, and all the trainers for giving so much to help us improve and succeed in meeting our goals. You guys truly are the best!!