Cache Valley Strength & Conditioning

Established in 2008, CVSC is Cache Valley’s premier training facility with services ranging from personal training, program design, athletic team conditioning, HyperFit group classes and more.

CVSC Committed Athlete - Jerry Jardine

Occupation: Well I didn’t make it as an NFL, NBA, or major league baseball player, but, I still wanted to get paid for teaching/coaching, and playing sports, so I became a Phys Ed teacher at Mount Logan Middle school. That’s what I have been doing for the last 27 years.  Hopefully I still have a few good years left in me.

Type of training before CrossFit:

Before Crossfit, my workouts consisted of pretty much cardio only. For a lot of years I would just run 1-3 miles per day. Kelsey (my daughter) was going to crossfit and told me about the workouts they were doing. I was skeptical at first cause I didn’t believe she could possibly be doing what she was telling me. I decided to try it out and I was amazed at what the athletes at crossfit were able to accomplish. I have been going to crossfit for almost 3 years now, and even though I can’t even begin to compete with Kelsey, I feel a sense of accomplishment each day I make it through one of the Wods.

Favorite Workouts?

My favorite workouts are Cindy and probably the filthy fifty.

Any hobbies you have outside of the gym?

Outside of CVSC I love spending time with my family. I enjoy being outdoors in the mountains riding my mule/horses, especially during the hunting season.

Any words of advice for newer members at CVSC?

For those of you that are new to CVSC you are in the right place. I have been around a lot of different strength and conditioning programs over the years and you won’t find any better overall fitness program than the one here at CVSC. Stick with it, endure the pain and suffering at the begining, and the results will come. Listen to Brad and his staff. They know their stuff.

Any other comments?

Thanks goes out to our 6:15 am class. You motivate and inspire me each day and keep me going. You are awesome. Keep up the good work