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Forty Tips to Help You Recover


For the frequently discussed & often debated subject of Post-Workout Nutrition, here's a nice list from the Poliquin Group.  It includes The Forty Best Tips To Speed Recovery From Your Workout.

Don't get too caught up in the list of supplements here, but focus on the quality and quantity of the foods you eat ALL DAY. Nutrient timing is a moot point if you are eating junk food for 3 meals and hitting that protein shake 10 minutes post workout. Success in the gym comes from what you do the other 23 hours of the day.  Some highlight items include:

2: Ensure hydration.

3: Eat high-quality protein and fat at every meal.

11: Eat cruciferous veggies with every meal

24: Eliminate sugar it causes the largest insulin spike of all foods.

36: To reduce muscle pain on the days after a damaging workout, do a moderate intensity concentric-only workout.

39: Sleep! 

Number 39 is a secret weapon with immediate reward, try it. Read the full list here.