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Midline Stabilization (or How to Safely Body Slam a Human)


Here's an article from Tabata Times about Midline Stabilization worth reading:

Coach Glassman defines midline stabilization as “…rigidity along the spine during functional movement.”

"I believe this is the first, and one of the most important skills, any CrossFit athlete should master.  Why?  It’s all about safety and efficiency.  Anytime we let our head and spine come out of alignment during exercise, we increase the potential to injure ourselves.  It’s pretty obvious to see how poor midline stabilization can lead to injury.  Beyond the safety and proper mechanics involved when we have midline stabilization, it also allows us to be more efficient and powerful."

" I like to equate our midline to a transmission of a car, whereas our sexy butt and legs (throw in our shoulders and arms too) are our engine.  A rock solid midline allows us to transfer all the power from our prime movers to whatever heavy, nasty object we are trying to sling around, including just your body. "

 Read the article (link below) for 6 steps to achieving stabilization and avoid rounded deadlifts, 'slinky' pushups & painful thrusters.