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Seven Tips For Balancing Training With Life


"Lack of time is the most commonly cited excuse for not exercising. But surveys suggest that those who exercise regularly are just as busy with their jobs, families and other responsibilities as those who don’t work out. So the time excuse is just that: an excuse." - Matt Fitzgerald via  Seven Tips For Balancing Training With Life

There are very few of us who have the luxury of training whenever it feels convenient, and for the rest of us, it often is very inconvenient. Waking up at the crack of dawn before the kids wake up, after a long day of work, during your lunch break, snuck in between classes, the weekends when you could be sleeping in, or just seasonally.

These sacrifices of time can sometimes feel daunting and in some cases, create job and family conflict. Its then you have to ask yourself what is most important and how to make it a priority. With good planning and realistic adjustments, working out can be a consistent, beneficial addition to your week. Courtesy of are seven tips for finding that balance between all the things that  are important to you. 

Make a Schedule

"Sit down and write out what you do and when you do it in a typical workday. Look for any waste or excess that can be addressed to create more training time."

Focus on Quality "...before you even look for ways to increase the quantity of your training, first increase its quality."

Be consistent "Consistency is the most important characteristic of an effective training regimen. So if you don’t always have time for what you consider a “full workout” every day, then at least try to do more than nothing every day." 

Read the full list here and assess whether your habits and goals are insync. Eliminate those things that are wasteful or harmful and prioritize the good, whether that be more quality time spent with the gym, your spouse or your career. You don't have to pick one either, a healthy balance means honestly putting those things in order and devoting them the time they deserve. Make time for the things that matter.