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"T" Talks About Her Regionals Experience

 Tara Alder 7th: Crossfit Elevated Competition 2009

1043rd overall, 104th in South West Region 2011 Open Sectional WODS

Can’t remember:  CFCV Team at 2011 Regionals

1177th overall, 96th in South West Region 2012 Open Sectional WODS

15th: CVSC team at 2012 Regionals

4 years: Crossfit

What motivated you to compete in Regionals?

To be honest with you… my husband.  Every year I debate whether or not to compete but he is always signing me up!  I love/hate him for it every year!  I am being serious about this… I don’t even know my login or password to get on the games sight… hahahahhaha!

I truly love competing but absolutely hate how I become a nervous wreck (this is why I am always hesitant).  I have always been this way.  Before big games in college or even races which I am not even trying to win. I can never sleep the night before and I always feel like I am going to puke.  This is exactly how I feel every time I compete in a Crossfit competition.  I can’t eat a thing, the very sight of food makes me sick!

I have a point to this.  I think every crossfitter should compete in at least one crossfit competition in their lifeJ  We all get nervous in different ways but fear should never hold you back.  You have to just tell yourself that it doesn’t matter how you do as long as you did your best.  Each of you are at the gym everyday challenging yourself and putting in hard work.  Why not challenge yourself to a friendly competition in one of the local gyms or sectionals.  After almost every competition I have done I am always grateful to my husband for just making me take the plungeJ  But I am especially thankful to him this year because this year by far was the most fun I have ever had competing (I didn’t puke)!  So much fun I might start signing some of you up!!! Hahahahahaha!

How did your performance go in the workouts? ..if team, what wods did you do?

First off I have to say “Great Job” to all of my teammates!  It was a team effort and I think we did exceptionally wellJ  I had a blast with each and every one of you!  We all brought a little something different to the team and it showed in our performances!!!

I did works outs 1,2,4 and 5.

WOD #1: Partner Deadlifts and Handstand pushups!

Nervous as all get up our team started Event 1 in Heat 1.  We were the first to go and it was time to set the tone for the entire weekend!  3, 2, 1 GO!  Mason and Travis run to the partner deadlift and kill it!  Knocking out all 20 in a row and taking less than a minute to do their handstand pushups.  Chels and I are off!  The first to get to the Deadlift which neither of us had time to warm up with.  Taking down all 20 at a time we were off to the handstand pushups.

We all worked super hard this year

CVSC Memorial Day Hero WOD

Our thanks and our thoughts go out to all the servicemen and women, who are serving and have served on this very special American Holiday weekend. ‘murph’

1 mile run 100x pull-ups 200x push-ups 300x squats 1 mile run (Note: Partition the pull-ups, push-ups, and squats as needed. Start and finish with a mile run.)

In memory of Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, 29, of Patchogue, N.Y., who was killed in Afghanistan June 28th, 2005.

Compare to 5.30.11 here.

Team CVSC’s Emily B. on Regionals & Competition

Emily Bunnell (Regionals CVSC Team - 15th 2012)Years in Crossfit: 11 months Pullups : 30 Deadlift: 300# Overhead Squat: 125# Snatch: 135# 5K: ? Haven't ran one in years. Jackie: 10:18 Fran: Haven't done it yet. Cindy: Hasn't done me yet.

What motivated you to compete in Regionals?

I am the youngest of 8 kids; I am used to competing for everything. The CVSC environment has fed my need to be compete & get my sweat on, so when the Open training started, it was a no-brainer to enter. I enjoyed the amped up energy of the Open and even more-so, the team aspect of going to Regionals.

How did your performance go in the workouts? ..if team, what wods did you do?

I did Team WODs 2,3 & 5. 2:1K Row, 25 Pistols, 15 135# Hang Cleans 3: 30 One Arm Dumbell Snatches @ 70# + Sprints 5: Snatch Ladder I thought I was prepared for workout 2 but it demolished me. I had done all the movements in the gym, but a combo of poor strategy (no rest) & being absolutely freaked out by the crowd, cameraman & judge, I barely completed my hang cleans. I no repped the weight at least 7 times & ended up on my knees twice. I wanted to quit but Tara looked me in the eyes and screamed at me to get back on the bar, which I did until it was over. It was a painful & eye-opening way to start regionals.

The next two workouts I approached with a clearer mind & a happier attitude - and it paid off. The Dumbbell Snatches with Chad were every bit as good as the last workout had felt bad. We did well with an 8th place finish and I felt like a million bucks afterwards.

I was excited about the Snatch Ladder with my ladies, Chels & Tara. I had hoped for a PR but fell short of that at 125#. Still, it was a fast, heavy workout, which I love - so it was fun.

What do you take away from this experience?

You can't lose a competition unless you quit! I was every bit as inspired by the people who barely finished the workouts as I was by the best of the best. Tenacity at whatever level you are at is inspiring and motivating! It left me feeling equally humbled and encouraged & excited to continue hitting new PRs and killing my Goats in the gym.

Anything else you'd like people to know about competing in CF?

Competing is a great way to see how you can perform under pressure & outside of your element. Which I feel is a perfect addition to truly being "cross fit". Doing your very best without your favorite barbell, 9 hours sleep, your BFF, or doing your entire warmup routine is really where you get out of your comfort zone and go 'beast mode'! Uh!

Regionals & Group Class Schedule

CVSC is proud to be represented once again at the Crossfit Games Southwest Regionals to be held in Colorado on May 4-6, 2012. Gil H will be competing for a spot at the 2012 Crossfit Games in the Individual Men category and Team CVSC will be competing for a top Team spot at the Games.

Because most of CVSC staff will be traveling with our athletes, the CVSC Group Class Schedule will change a bit during the Regionals event:

  • Thursday, May 3, 2012: morning and noon classes only.
  • Friday, May 4, 2012: morning and noon classes only
  • Saturday, May 5, 2012: no classes
  • Sunday, May 6, 2012: no class

Normal class schedule resumes Monday, May 7, 2012.

For those who will not be making the trip to watch the Regionals event, you can keep up to date here.  You can also see updates on the CFCV Group Facebook page.

Good luck to all our athletes!

Paleo Potluck

Celebrating CVSC's 4th Anniversary with a PALEO POTLUCK

Saturday March 17th (St. Patty's Day) Anniversary WOD @ 11 am BBQ @ 12 Noon

Catered by Rollin' West BBQ Bring your Finest Creation (if you want)

Beauty In Strength Challenge - 5.0

Cache Valley Strength & Conditioning’s BIS 5.0 Challenge concluded with a baseline workout test last week.  Winners were selected based on the Challenge rules and announced on Saturday, February 25. All participants had some very impressive results which leave no doubt they have established some lasting healthy lifestyle changes.

Congrats to the winners (from Left to Right) Joseph L., Melissa B., Cecelia M. and Dennis P.   Not pictured:   Amy C. , Matt F.,  Barbara K. and Jeremy M.

When you see these CVSC athletes, be sure and congratulate them on a job well done!

Challenge Update & Holiday Schedule

Schedule change for Presidents’ Day–Monday, February 20 :

  • Morning and noon classes only–no PM classes
  • Regular schedule resumes Tuesday, February 21

You can find the group class schedule here.

Nutrition Challenge Update

Tuesday, February 21st, we’ll be retesting the Nutrition Challenge 5.0 workout. Food logs, measurements, before/after photo’s will be due the week of 2/21 thru 2/24. Challenge winners will be announced Saturday, 2/25 after the 8 am class.