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The Cardio Myth

This week we're talking about training. Specifically, cardio, or aerobic conditioning.

Featuring an article from T Nation documenting Rachel Cosgrove's experience with changing body composition when she trained for an IronMan. Her results were surprising and counter to the popular media's message that slow-state cardio is the way to burn fat and get in shape. When she had completed the grueling event she returned to interval training and had the results she was originally seeking with running. Every globo gym features an iconic long line of treadmills with women (and men) slowly plodding along in front of their tvs. While well meaning, they are clearly 1. Not approaching weight loss in the most effective and 2. most fun way. The enjoyment and time saving in a 20 min session of weight training and interval work can creating an environment where your body is building fat-burning muscle and you can engage in some therapeutic high-intensity exercise!

"...I still enjoy heading out for a run or a bike ride occasionally, but I don't do it for fat loss. I do it because I enjoy it. Think about it. If you do a thirty minute walk at a steady-state, moderate pace, you'll shed about 150 calories.

If you mixed in eight thirty-second sprints, you'll burn closer to 200 calories. But the biggest factor is that after an interval session, your metabolism can stay elevated for a full day and you'll end up burning two to three times the total calories you'd expect to burn from lower intensity exercise."

So, go ahead and go for a jog if it clears your mind and gets you out of the house, but know that if your goal is fat loss and muscle-building, devote at least 3 days a week to some form of interval or weight training. Depending on your fitness goals, you will find different CVSC classes will help you reach your goals and none of them involve treadmills.

So, who's up for some TABATA?

To read the full article, with pictures here, T NATION | The Final Nail in the Cardio Coffin.